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"Google Image"

A bizarre meme I stole from transairn.
You type in Google the answer to the question and choose the first displayed picture...

Age you will be on your next birthday:

Mother's Middle Name:

Favourite Colour:

Place you lost your virginity:

Bad Habit:

Favourite Fruit:

second choice:

Favourite Animal:

Last Name of Favourite Teacher:

Name of a Pet:

First Car:

My Last Name:
(background of one of my sites...*)

My First Name:

Best Friend's Name:


Name of Significant Other:

Your Birth Month:

Your Home Town:

Where You Live Now:
(100m from home!)

Your Favourite Band:

Favourite Things To Do:

Your Full Name:
(Niépce's "point of view": I wrote an article about...*)

Your Worst Fear:

* for my last name, married woman and birth ones gave "real" portraits in 2nd and 3rd place... I'm good at referencing!


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18th May, 2006 22:16 (UTC)
That's such a cute meme. I must do it at some stage... Your worst fear made me shudder, for sure.
19th May, 2006 07:27 (UTC)
That's not really a "fear", rather a deep repulsion. Those cockroaches just make me shriek like an hysteric... Thanks God, I'm leaving in a old house in a village, not in a modern building. There's flies, spiders, butterflies, and a lot of various bugs in the garden, where they belong and I don't bother them. I never saw this nightmare here. But earlier, in Paris, yes, and in Carribean, where they are huge, aaaaaaargh.
19th May, 2006 07:47 (UTC)
I lived in Saudi Arabia for a couple of years. I remember having one run up inside the leg of my jeans. I almost had hysterics, even though they don't bite or anything...

And that is a delicious icon. Beautiful.
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