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Fox & Ratty's Adventures in IRS Land, 3

Eventually, with help from the hotline (automatic answer, this was obviously a very common bug) I could send my IRS form into the Web... Foxy too!
Where it comes to payment
Otherwise everything would be fine if my Patapouf hadn't disappeared since Thursday (I stuck posters in the village) and Vanille doesn't get a big bloody sore in her neck. I'll have to "capture" her to take her to the vet. Easier said than done. And always this heat. Grmph.


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13th Jun, 2006 14:12 (UTC)
Nooooooooooooooooooo! Not Patapouf! *cries*

Timmy and I are waiting for news of her. I hope she comes home soon. And hugs and a fast recovery to Vanille.
13th Jun, 2006 17:21 (UTC)
Thank you for the sympathy, Lorelei. But if you keep calling Patapouf a "she", I'm afraid HE won't come back!!! Even if he's neutered.
No kidding, I keep hoping he's been accidentaly trapped shut in a garage or cellar. This happened once to Mom's Pomponnet (mind you, he "chose" the butcher's garage...)
A few hours later... I re-open my laptop and see I didn't send my comment because Vanille entered the house and I ran to catch her and take her to the vet. Nothing serious, it's a mushroom. This new vet, a lady, is very sweet and kind. She called her "Petite crevette" (little shrimp) :o). She's meowing a lot (Vanille, not the vet) but she told me (the vet, not Vanille) that old cats get high blood pressure, like humans, and they start to meow all the time, nobody knows why. Right, it happened with my old Mouche years ago.
14th Jun, 2006 12:03 (UTC)
Oops! Poor Patapouf. I hope he is back with you soon. Please let us know any news! *hugs*

I was so surprised at what you said about older cats meowing all the time. Timmy is 12 and he does that and I never knew why. Oh, I hope my poor baby doesn't have high blood pressure. I hope the vet can check it.
13th Jun, 2006 15:53 (UTC)
Hope you find her soon. Unfortunately we've been finding that this is a rough neighborhood for cats... or rather, Kitty has been finding this out. All the cats I see around are very large and muscular-looking, and it appears that a number of them are feral and evidently have long claimed our backyard as their territory. The first night we were here Kitty came back having evidently been in a fight with some local hefty feline, and again last night one attacked her in the backyard and chased her 30 feet up into our biggest tree. We were in the process of putting a long extension ladder up in the dark when she managed to make her way down again.
13th Jun, 2006 17:24 (UTC)
Poor Kitty, that's tough. She needs lessons in kat-rate. This is a good thing she loves her new house - I hope those big villains will learn with time it's *her* backyard now. Of course if they're whole and she's neutered w/o having had a litter, she can't be seen as a matriarch to be respected :o(
13th Jun, 2006 20:47 (UTC)
She had one batch of kittens and was then neutered (this was before we got her.) I imagine a lot of the cats in our area have not been neutered--especially judging from the fact that the day I arrived here, I discovered a cluster of three tiny kittens wrapped together and sheltering from the cold against the back of the house. When I came close, they hissed like they were wild. I assumed their mother would come and move them, and the next day they did indeed disappear.

Micah, who isn't an agressive cat at all (and who was neutered when he was young) wouldn't likely do well around these local cats, either, though he's always spent most of his time in the house with Paul. He even sleeps on top of Paul... or under the covers beside him.
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