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Learning OOP is fun!

Who said learning OOP (Objects Oriented Programming) could be boring? You just have to adapt your exercises...
Variables values are in italic.

Walter Skinner is working on 5 files! Walter Skinner has now 155 files ready.
Walter Skinner is used to wear formal suit all the time...
Dana Scully is working on 3 files! Dana Scully has now 40 files ready.
Dana Scully is used to wear high heels all the time...
Fox Mulder is eating all 4 parts of pizza...
Fox Mulder is used to wear awful ties all the time...
Alex Krycek is picking up 42's lock.

Walter Skinner is eating no parts of pizza...
Dana Scully is eating just 1/2 parts of pizza...
Fox Mulder is sleeping alone.
Alex Krycek is working on 2 files! Alex Krycek has now 20 files ready.

Alex Krycek is used to wear sexy-as-hell black leather all the time...
Alex Krycek is a Smooth Operator.

Dana Scully is female.
And Dana Scully is a Forensic Doc.

Martha Reyes is a new Federal Agent. She has 0 files done yet. Her motto is "Obey and serve" and she's dressed in casual wear for her first day with the FBI.

Dana can use make-up.
Martha can use make-up.
Fox can use make-up.
Yup, here's Denise...

And here's an error because Skinner is not in the "Ladies" child-class and so he can't use the "makeup" function:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: makeup() in c:\program files\easyphp1-8\www\rabbit hole for dummies\neo7_php4.php on line 126

Told you, it's all crap... Next time I'll try to use pRon variables ROTFLMAO


( 3 Mouthfuls — Munch On! )
10th Aug, 2006 17:18 (UTC)
can't wear makeup, but he can wear a bra! :)
(Deleted comment)
12th Aug, 2006 05:13 (UTC)
I thought he looked pretty good in that bra. LOL
( 3 Mouthfuls — Munch On! )


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