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Laptop ?/$£%*µ§!%

Repairman said the battery's dead. Okay, I ordered a new one on line. I checked prices as a good housewife. Following the sites it goes from 90.00 € to... 220.00! Note to self: avoid Duracell site.

Repairman also said working on AC power with the battery connected *cooks* it in the long run, so it's better to load and unload it regularly, and other time to work w/o the battery in. Ooookay. I tried to: lappy's screen turns black after 5', then it shines all white (and empty) with LAPTOP TURNED OFF after some 5 more. What the fuck?

So I'm back to good old PC as long as the new battery isn't home and fully loaded.
Not a big problem, I quickly backed-up my last works. But every chair here is killing my back, ouch. I don't want to drag the whole equipment in front of my armchair again.
I could drag the armchair, of course? But for the cat who decided to squat it as long as I won't have her in my lap. All day long, that is. Added retribution being shitting and peeing all over the place.

Good thing vedic chanting in the morning is soooo soothing. Or I would break something. Preferably laptop on cat's ass. (Kidding. Almost.)


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