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Our TV bouquet provider merged some months ago with another to become "CanalSat". At last they came to re-angle the dish, so I hope we're done with the Blue Screens Of Death ("your decoder works finely but if you don't see this channel after twenty minutes, please call us"). I'm sure they bought those warnings at a bargain price from Microsoft. And I never-never-never waited for 20', just re-initialized the thing each time. 2 or 3 times a day. Grmph.

I can't complain with the change, I have an awesome lot of new channels for the same price, among which NASN (yeah!!! Stanley Cup!!! Go Montréal Go!). And many German channels, BTW. And very local Spanish too (?)

Now, sorry for the b&w cartoon but I feel too lazy to do the colours. Late at night I remembered I hadn't updated the TV schedule page on Nick_Lea.fr, and this week there's Nick everywhere on French TV. Judge by yourself: Kyle XY, Highlander, Outer Limits, NYPD Blues, The Commish and Vertical Limit. All dubbed, bleh. But yet. So I ended going to bed far too late to be anything close to awake today.

Fixing The Dish

PS- note to kinky pals, I still have Pink, which is PinkX only now. Two movies after midnight. He he.


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