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Long time no shot

I haven't taken photos in ages, mostly because I always see the same things around me, not going farther than 200m from home each day...
At least, here's a white lily that bloomed a few days ago:
Lys blanc
... and a pic of my Saï figure (the ghost in Hikaru No Go for those who don't know the manga):
Fujiwara Saï, Hikaru No Go


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23rd Jun, 2009 11:20 (UTC)
Lovely pictures; especially the white lily. :)
23rd Jun, 2009 20:09 (UTC)
They faithfully blossom each year. I found them specially gorgeous this year– probably because the gardener cleaned everything, and I can see them LOL
24th Jun, 2009 06:36 (UTC)
LOL Being able to see them is a giant plus in my book.

I planted a4 new lily bulbs this year, but so far only seven seem to be growing properly.
23rd Jun, 2009 14:38 (UTC)
Oh, the lily is just stunning!
23rd Jun, 2009 20:10 (UTC)
And holding on! They opened several days ago, and I see there's pollen falling on the lower one. And more buds to open.
23rd Jun, 2009 15:25 (UTC)
Love the way you captured the lily--how it just pops out from the dark background. Very cool indeed.
23rd Jun, 2009 20:13 (UTC)
The mid-morning sun was so bright, I just used automatic shot, and it enhanced the white flowers against the wall in the shadow behind. I took the photo because the sun was shining right through the petals.
23rd Jun, 2009 15:47 (UTC)

The lily is just lovely.

I don't know a thing about manga, but the figurine is very interesting. =>}

23rd Jun, 2009 20:19 (UTC)
It's already an old manga in 23 volumes and an anime, it helped to revive the interest for go game amongst young Japaneses. Fujiwara Saï is a 1000 years old ghost of a genial player who comes to haunt a young boy (Hikaru) because he wants to play go at all cost! The boy first doesn't understand why he was chosen but little by little he discovers the game and reveals himself as a player with a brilliant future...
I hope Saï figure will help me play a little, at last! I'm good at solving tsumego (problems) but when I try to play agaisnt the computer, it's a slaughter. Aaargh.
23rd Jun, 2009 17:37 (UTC)
Loved the Lily...beautiful!
23rd Jun, 2009 20:22 (UTC)
The garden is wonderful this year. Cold and snowy winter that cleaned the ground, sun and rain alternating, and a gardener who cleaned the worst... I'm really enjoying it, it's the first time in years I take time to lye on the garden armchair, just watching the clouds going by. Good for the nerves XD
24th Jun, 2009 10:17 (UTC)
Lovely pics and yay for the manga!!!!!!
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