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Snooow... snooow... snooow...

I'm fed up with it! One week ago it was 18°C (64°F), tomorrow it should be -6 (43)... Usually I “pass” 2 or 3 kilos of salt during the winter. This year I must have already used more than 10! Roses have buds... and ice around their stems, grmph.



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12th Mar, 2013 20:11 (UTC)
Aww, Fox and Ratty!!! :D I missed you guys!

And yay, Fox likes snow! We've had quite a snow storm too the last couple of days, and I'm loving it! Though I do have to admit that it's slowly time for Spring... *g*
13th Mar, 2013 18:23 (UTC)
Thanks for the fb! I don't know if Fox likes snow, maybe like me he thinks that's pretty to watch, but a pain in the ass to cope with... 15cm here, do you imagine? Freezing in Hell wouldn't make as much casualties XD. Public transportation have stopped, I haven't seen the postman in two days. Of course we can't be asked to be ready for something happening 1 or 2 days a year, it's not Quebec here LOL
13th Mar, 2013 10:13 (UTC)
YAY, Foxy and Ratty. :-)

All we have had here are hot days and lots of rain and humidity.

Nice to see the pets again. :-D
13th Mar, 2013 18:26 (UTC)
Hi Mylady... I could send you a handfull of snow but I don't think it would stand the trip :o). OT, I noted your new addy. I don't know if I'll draw more pets, I'm not that full of energy, ahem.
14th Mar, 2013 07:33 (UTC)
I understand but it is nice to see them still. :-)

I have had to change to gmail because Yahoo seems to hate me. :-( I have been locked out of both my Yahoo addys so hence the change.

I love snow, I used to travel to the mountains to see the snow but not so much now. I guess it would be different if I had to live with it all the time though. LOL

The weather here is starting to get colder though. Soon I will be shivering while you are enjoying the warmth. :-D
15th Mar, 2013 04:21 (UTC)
The weather is crazy, that's for sure! And yay for a new cartoon! :D
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