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My Gallery's On Line

I uploaded my gallery, called @telier m@rillier at http://atelier.claude-marillier.net/.
You'll find photos (flowers, animals, landscapes, objects), drawings, cartoons (yes, Fox & Ratty!), paintings and infographical works: web material, processed pictures, original creations and collages (all Nick...).
There's 124 pages (yup) and for many works you can display a larger picture (the weight is given in an info-bubble).
Thanks for your remarks, notes, suggestions and fb LOL


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9th Oct, 2005 23:18 (UTC)

kaNd, the new website is gorgeous! I love how colorful it is against the dramatic dark background. It's easy to navigate and everything downloads quickly and smoothly (and I'm on dial-up, lol) It looks beautiful, very sleek and professional.

The only correction I would offer, and I hope you don't mind, is to the English portion of the introduction:

Hi and welcome in my workshop.
I'm a webmaster, a photograph, a draughtwoman and an infographist. I'm living in France, near Paris.
You may see on my homepage some sites I've created.
Here in the workshop you'll find a selection of pieces I'm specially happy with... right or wrong.

If I were typing it I would say "welcome to my workshop" rather than "welcome in my workshop." I'd also say "I'm a webmaster, a photographer, a draughtswoman and an infographist." "draughtwoman" is probably fine though. Also, instead of saying "pieces I'm specially happy with" I would say "pieces I'm especially happy with".

Congratulations on the new site! It's definitely something to be proud of and a beautiful showcase for your many talents. :)
10th Oct, 2005 05:24 (UTC)
Thank you so much for the beta-ing, Lorelei! I immediately changed those few words. And I'm proud <vbg> not to have done more mistakes... I always hesitate between "specially" and "especially", but "photograph(er)" was stupid (in French it's "photographe").
That's a very good test to know the site is easily accessible with a low band connection, as I'm working with DSL. We're taught to use pictures weighing no more than 20Kb on a page - even if some here are "almost" 21.
Good too to know you love the colors. It's not quite WAI standard - accessible to everyone, including people with a bad sight - but passing over the CSS leaves easily readable pages.
The "clever" move was to position the main picture correctly on the background, whatever the screen resolution (starting from 800x600; with a lower one, there will be superposition).
I'm glad you're happy with the navigation as it's an essential point. We also learn the "three-clicks" law, meaning you should be able to reach anything within 3 clicks of your rat mouse...
Of course, every page is W3C validated...
10th Oct, 2005 06:51 (UTC)
Missing background and arrows (ashamed)
Ahem, I guess I was a little tired at 4:30am when I finished uploading... I didn't realize my background wasn't there! It's corrected, now you have two gray lines framing the main pic.
And it also lacked the navigation arrows under the pictures! OMG! Call me Foxy-head. All those were background pictures that were in another file that I moved and... Well, you see. Phew.
I hope it's all done now!
11th Oct, 2005 03:07 (UTC)
Re: Missing background and arrows (ashamed)
LOL! Just looked again and it's perfect. I still can't believe how fast and smoothly it downloads even on my measly little dial-up connection.

It looks wonderful, kaNd! The pets have a beautiful new home and so does all of your other wonderful work. Go Foxy-head go! :)
10th Oct, 2005 03:36 (UTC)
Congrats, Kand!!
What a beautiful website and galleries !!! The colors are awesome!

I fell especially inlove with the impressionistic garden photo.

10th Oct, 2005 05:43 (UTC)
Re: Congrats, Kand!!
Thank you Greeny <grin>, I'm glad you love it!
And the garden is mine, of course, the "big" one on the backside of the house.
I haven't used Cokin filters with digital camera yet, but I have the holder for, it's a very clever device. I must say I tend to take digital photos with the better quality possible, meaning no interferences, to work them more easily under Photoshop if needed.
When I started lab work with my Dad, fashion was very contrasted pictures, grainy (we were "pushing" when developing film) and so on, but he made a war on me, saying : always shoot well balanced clichés, you'll do what you want when blowing them up. You can do everything with a correct negative...
The good side of digital is that:
1) you can check immediately the quality of your work - often you haven't the opportunity to come back...
2) after taking a "correct" shot, you can do others with existing options. The Saare river photo was made directly in black and white, using exposure controls to enhance the misty aspect. All the same, Patapouf portrait (black cat silhouetted on pebbles) was shot with the "line" option (only black and white lines).
OT - Weather report : yesterday and today bright sun, very pleasant temperature. Nights are still fresh.
11th Oct, 2005 12:01 (UTC)
Hey, I just briefly scanned through my fav drawings of Foxy and Ratty. Are they all there, on this site, incl. the NC17 ones? Or ALL the drawings are accessible on your old site?
12th Oct, 2005 07:10 (UTC)
Nope, sweetie, it's just a very short selection to show my talents ROTFLMAO to potential customers...
The "old" site is deleted, I must rebuilt it completely. And I've done I don't know how many hundreds Fox & Ratty cartoons, since 2000! Many of them need to be re-scanned too. Long job. I'll try to reinstall it soon, starting with old cartoons you don't know <grin>, and adding some time after time. Promised!
'kay, I also promised Paul to rebuilt our photographic historical site, and it's several hundreds pages too. Sigh.
12th Oct, 2005 10:50 (UTC)
oh, it's a pity. I hope you get them up on a new site soon. I miss the sluttyFox and NaughtyRatty. :)
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