Halloween 2020

I made a few bonuses for last chapter, with 6 I made two for Halloween. Here's a double (vertical) page with a "Hundred Demons Parade", a classic from Japanese lore.
Btw I have drawn a little more than 200 pages now for the webtoon - a whole volume LOL.


A Fisherman's Dream

The story's going on! I uploaded chapter 6, and I'm currently working on chapter 7 - almost done. Link to mangago...
There's more than 600 voters (note went from 6.something from the start to 7.6 now, and I have more than 400 threads of comments... Wow!
For chapter 1 (that was to be a rather weird one-shot) comments were kinda, "what did you smoke???", but now it's most like people thinks it's unusual, sweet, hot, funny... I'm a happy author now LOL.

A Fisherman's Dream

My webtoon is done, English and French versions. I posted them on my Overblog as there's no censorship problem there — or at least they're not too shy LOL. And I asked for an age check when entering the pages.
So if you love yaoi, botany and kinky fairy tale, you're welcome! English version.
And here's the link to mangago, I'm amazed at the amount of comments! Most people wonder what I've been smoking, but they like the result ROTFLMAO; And they ask for more. Maybe I really need to smoke something. As the humourist Pierre Dac said,"Smoke salmon! You'll save your strength as you can find already smoked one!"

[kaNd] A Fisherman's Dream - cover [English]