A Fisherman's Dream

My webtoon is done, English and French versions. I posted them on my Overblog as there's no censorship problem there — or at least they're not too shy LOL. And I asked for an age check when entering the pages.
So if you love yaoi, botany and kinky fairy tale, you're welcome! English version.
And here's the link to mangago, I'm amazed at the amount of comments! Most people wonder what I've been smoking, but they like the result ROTFLMAO; And they ask for more. Maybe I really need to smoke something. As the humourist Pierre Dac said,"Smoke salmon! You'll save your strength as you can find already smoked one!"

[kaNd] A Fisherman's Dream - cover [English]

A steam-punk-pOm machine

I'm preparing something kinda mix of an illustrated fiction/patent/instructions for use, a (very) long text with sketches and lot of pictures... It's an ass-fucking machine for young boys' tutelage (for the use of houses of pleasure and knowledgeable amateurs) LOL. The text I'm writing is in French, once it's done and the page layout is ready, I'll try to translate it in English, but I'll need a serious beta to correct my sabir-and respect the end of XIXth c. feeling.
Beware, it'll be shota and hardcore, with some BDSM from some happy customers' feedback! The device has an educational purpose, but may nevertheless be twisted by some users.
Before that, here's a four sides view of the machine. I gave a lot of thought to every details, so believe me when I say it would be functional; but for the engine, I really have no idea regarding how it could work. That's why it's well hidden under the carter ROTFL.
I don't put the pic under a cut as there's nothing nsfw here, unless  you look really closely, and even so. Anyway trying to put the ideas into a good 3D view was a lot of work and taught me some good things (about drawing techniques, what are you thinking of?) And for Gods' sake, I even wrote a complete "how to program" section, with codes and all, using the 6 functions and 10 digits kb...!
NB, this was done under Clip Studio Paint Pro, with a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet.

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