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Fox & Ratty cartoon of the day: May Eve

May Eve
And don't let magic-blind ones tell you into believing there's no such thing as faeries and that's "only the birds eating your stuff".

Most faery people are shape-shifters and why wouldn't they turn into birds if they find this easier and more discreet when coming to take your gifts?

Ask them what your heart desires and they'll bring you their own gift and comfort.


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30th Apr, 2006 03:34 (UTC)
Ah, so cute! I love the tulips in the background. And the pets look so excited. The faeries are going to have quite a feast!

I've never heard of this custom. Is this only in France or in other places in Europe?
30th Apr, 2006 08:06 (UTC)
Whole Europe, mostly place of Celtic background. There's four big Sabbath on the year, Feb.2, May 1st, Aug.2, Nov.1st. Solstices and equinoxes are big celebrations too. Those were holy days in Celtic times and have been "covered" by Christian Celebrations because they were seen as pagan (they were!)
Feb.2 = Candle-mass, May (the whole month) = the month of Mary, Aug.2 = St Pierre-aux-Liens (forgotten because it's during summer holidays...), Nov.1st = All Saints Day (Halloween). This was known as Walpurgis in German countries, right?
Summer solstice (Beltane Fires) is now St John (bonfires), Winter solstice (Yule) became Christmas. The gap of a few days must be due to equinoxes precession, I suppose. In 2000 years...
About 1st of May, it's still marked here and there with May Trees (May poles), ornated with flowers and ribbons. For millenniums people have been used to plant a tree on this very day. All these feasts are important dates in nature yearly evolution.
30th Apr, 2006 08:20 (UTC)
Thanks for the info, kaNd. I figured the fairies would somehow tie into Celtic tradition. And like Lorelei, I love the tulips. The pets certainly look cheery, looking forward to the giving of their gifts.
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