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Patapouf News, 3

Poupouf's blood analysis doesn't show any improvement but Karine thinks it's because his body used most of the perfusion to "re-make" his water normal load. He'll have another blood sample taken on Monday.
He ate a whole can of food this morning, had a great pee :o). When I visited him, there was even more cuddles and some purring! Then Karine gave him another half can of diet-cat-food. He literaly bounced upon it, ate almost all of it (smells good!) then started to groom himself, which is always a good signal. So we're still optimistic. Tomorrow is Sunday but I'll be able to see him all the same when Karine passes in the afternoon to take care of her customers =^o^=

OT, I'm preparing an exercise about PHP, and searching for infos I found this (OT too...): .
It's a new way of high compressing DVDs (after cracking them... That's our Alex!)

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