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Patapouf News, 4

I didn't write yesterday because he didn't look so fine, sulking and else.
Today his blood analysis is a little better, or just a less worst. His creatinine index went down to 124 which is still critical -but as we don't know how much he really had in the beginning, there's no real way to measure the improvement. He ate well and made all his little stuff this morning. Karine is keeping him under perfusion (he receives three pockets a day!) and there'll be another analysis Wednesday. If the index goes down only a few points it shouldn't be possible to do anything, alas. If it reaches 100 or so, he'll have more perfusion so he could be stabilized. Then he'll be back home but we must be ready for more crisis. If the next one happens 2 or 3 days after stopping the perfusion, well... But if he can hold on a few months, the following crisis could be treated the same way, with more perfusion. Any way he'll need a very serious diet and a constant survey.

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