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{{{{{ Patapouf }}}}}

Adieu Patapouf
Karine did all she could but he was so much tired. We were unable to save him. Patapouf went asleep on this first day of summer.

Thank you so much to all of you who thought of him.


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21st Jun, 2006 17:05 (UTC)
So sorry *hugs you*
21st Jun, 2006 17:14 (UTC)
Ohhhh god....I'm so sorry. Big hugs to you.
21st Jun, 2006 17:14 (UTC)

Bye bye Patapouf!
21st Jun, 2006 17:21 (UTC)
So sorry to hear this. But I'm glad that you had him... and that he had you. {{{kaNd}}}
21st Jun, 2006 17:33 (UTC)
I'm so sorry for your loss. Cats are very special friends.
21st Jun, 2006 18:00 (UTC)
Warm thanks
I want to thank all of you, you've been a great support during those days. He didn't suffer, he was just so tired. I'll miss him, when he came rubbing my leg to ask for something, adding a tiny claw if I didn't leave my laptop quickly enough... And purring so loud when cuddling. And "groaking" during meals. And he was a good companion to Paul, he always slept on his bed when he was reading.
21st Jun, 2006 18:06 (UTC)
So sorry to hear that, Kandi :-(
21st Jun, 2006 18:19 (UTC)
Aww... I'm so sorry for your loss. Kitties are like children, and losing one is really hard.

21st Jun, 2006 19:26 (UTC)
So sorry to hear that. I know I haven't commented, but I was thinking of you both.

21st Jun, 2006 19:44 (UTC)
*hugs to my dear Kand* My sympathies, honey!
21st Jun, 2006 19:44 (UTC)
I'm so sorry, Kand! :(

But I'm sure that, after a good rest on a special cloud reserved just for him, he'll be busy watching over you from heaven. :)

It's at least a slight relief that he didn't have to suffer, as you said. And he had a wonderful life with you and Paul. :)
21st Jun, 2006 20:32 (UTC)
Oh no!! He dosent make it, finaly :(
I'm sooo sorry, Kand!!!
But - he was a lucky cat, with a wonderful home thanks to you Kand!
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21st Jun, 2006 20:53 (UTC)
I'm so sorry I didn't get a chance to comment on the last update. I've been thinking of you and Timmy's "twin" and we are both very sad that little Patapouf has passed away. *hugs you tight* I'm so sorry, kand. He was so special, and I know you and Paul love him very much. He will live on in your hearts forever and he will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Rest in peace, little one.
21st Jun, 2006 21:03 (UTC)
Pauvre Patapouf

Repos dans la paix

22nd Jun, 2006 01:15 (UTC)
My deepest sympathy on the lost of your beloved Patapouf.
22nd Jun, 2006 02:35 (UTC)
Two hugs
Well, three, another from me, and one from L3 who sends her love to you. She lost a week-old puppy a while ago. Our thoughts are with you.
22nd Jun, 2006 04:35 (UTC)
Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this. He will live on in your memories.
22nd Jun, 2006 08:23 (UTC)
I'm so terribly sorry about your loss. I believe that cats have a perfect kitten's body ready for them to leap into or they wait for us at the rainbow bridge. I swear we have had repeater cats in our family. Patapouf was lucky to have you both to love him. ((((Many hugs))))
22nd Jun, 2006 13:05 (UTC)
Thank you so much to all of you
I can't say how much I'm touched by your reactions and your warm support. Patapouf won't be forgotten, none of my cats ever was. My belief is in samsara, so I just wonder in what or who he will come back ? Surely "improved" as he was a very kind and caring pet.

I intend to create a special page "In Memoriam" - and I'll take the opportunity to recall everyone how important it is to check their cats' health. They're discreet, they don't complain easily and frequently we take them to the vet a little late w/o being uncaring the least. And as Karin pointed, those kidney problems are really a hard point with cats and difficult to detect and prevent. So a short text I'll have translated in several languages and a solid referencing could help, perhaps. I'll need a "livre d'or" (guest book) too, but it's PHP and I don't know yet how to manage this. I'll ask when I'm ready, okay?

Once again, thank you with all my heart.
23rd Jun, 2006 10:35 (UTC)
I am so very sorry for your loss. Cats are special. ::hugs::
24th Jun, 2006 21:03 (UTC)
C'est vraiment triste. Ayant perdu ma "mimi" Vendredi dernier pour le même problème, je comprends ta douleur *BIG BIG HUG* .... :(
25th Jun, 2006 01:07 (UTC)
I was so tired from working all weekend that I didn't read this until now. I am so sad for you. Hugs.
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