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A few articles about Whistler (not Nick though)

Found in Whistler news (the ressort) at http://lfpress.ca/newsstand/Today/Entertainment/2006/06/21/1644615-sun.html
Maybe they'll have news of the party tomorrow?

She's Whistler's mother
Wed, June 21, 2006
Ingrid Kavelaars plays the maternal role in a television show set at the famed ski resort.

London native Ingrid Kavelaars says she was shy in school until she found herself in a drama class and "felt right at home."

Playing a mother in Whistler is a bit of a departure for London native Ingrid Kavelaars.

"I usually play characters who are younger than me, but this time I'm doing one who's a few years older," says the 35-year-old actor about her role in the weekly drama series premiering Sunday on CTV.

The series, named after the British Columbia ski resort, focuses on the shocking and mysterious death of Canadian Olympic gold medal snowboarder Beck McKaye.

Kavelaars is cast as Jen McKaye, his troubled parent .

"I'd never played a mother before, but that didn't intimidate me," adds the actor. "My challenge was to make Jen a bit messy and multi- dimensional. I wanted to portray her as someone who's flawed, but still likeable."

In late October, Kavelaars joined the cast of Whistler and spent five-months filming the 13 episodes of the show's inaugural season.

"I was attracted to the project because Kelly's script was so well written and specific, without a lot of fat," says the actor about the series created and produced by Kelly Senecal. "I've seen several episodes of Whistler and found them quite moving and entertaining."

The daughter of a Dutch immigrant family, Kavelaars grew up on a farm in Appin. At age 16, she enrolled in the Grade 10 theatre arts program at London's Regina Mundi College.

"I was never a great student in school," she admits. "I was extremely shy and didn't talk much to anyone. Then I found myself in this drama class with all these enthusiastic people and, for the first time, I felt right at home. That's when I decided to become an actor."

A graduate of the American Music and Dramatic Academy in New York, Kavelaars made her TV debut as a cast member in the Street Legal series and got her first feature film role in Ghost Mom.

Over the last dozen years, her television parts have included Erin in the sci-fi series Jeremiah; Dr. Laura Keating in Code Name: Eternity; and a regular role in Stargate SG-1.

She also starred in Intern Academy, a 2004 hospital comedy movie written and directed by Canadian comic actor Dave Thomas.

"One day, Dave turned to me and said 'You know, Ingrid, you're not very complicated, but you are very interesting'," recalls the actor. "And he wanted to make sure I knew that it was a compliment."

Kavelaars says her well-adjusted personality was the product of a stable, family-oriented upbringing in London and Appin.

"Every time I go back for a visit, I'm reminded of where I come from," she explains. " It was always such a friendly and safe environment. It was just a great place to grow up."

The actor currently shares a rural home outside Scottsdale, Ariz., with her husband, Dallas Eakins. A former NHL player, Eakins spent last season as assistant coach of the Toronto Marlies, the Maple Leafs' AHL team.

"We really want to start a family, but that's been difficult with our crazy work and travel schedules," says Kavelaars.

Today, the actor will travel to Vancouver and reunite with her twin sister Monique, a former member of Canada's Olympic fencing team, who now lives in Sweden.

The two will then head for Whistler, where the series of the same name will stage its launch party tomorrow.


What: Premiere of Whistler, a 13-episode dramatic series

When: Sunday, 10 p.m.

Where: CTV

From "My Telus", http://www.mytelus.com/news/article.do?articleID=2299545

New prime-time soap Whistler shows sexy side of winter hotspot

WHISTLER, B.C. (CP) - A cute young snowboarder looks over a cliff, aghast.

"It can't be," he says, staring down into the bottom of "the drop."

Town sport hunk, Beck, is at the base of the dangerous trail, dead.

He was far too talented a rider to die in the drop. He had just returned home with a snowboarding gold from the Turin Olympics.

Was he murdered? Did he kill himself? Was it just a horrible accident?

"He had the whole world in his hand," said David Paetkau, who plays Beck on Whistler, a new prime-time soap premiering Sunday.

Think 90210 in the snow, and add a mystery.

Looking for a date. Find it now at Date.ca.

A few months back when the show was shooting on location, the cast was beside themselves, trying to figure out what happened to Beck.

"I, like, run to the writer's office to try to find out what's going to happen. They won't tell us. Every time we get a script we're so excited to see what happens next," said 19-year-old Amanda Crew, who plays Beck's girlfriend.

Wearing jeans and a fitted jacket from the trendy urban boutique Aritzia, Crew braved the cold outside for a photo shoot, on the patio of the posh Chateau Whistler.

It was the cast's first day spent filming the show in the location where it's supposed to be set. The majority of the show was shot in Langley, B.C., Crew's hometown.

"Right now, I'm wearing like five pairs of clothing," she said, back inside in the warmth of the Chateau.

"I'm pretty steamed up right now."

The creators seem to be shooting for that vibe.

The cast is attractive and many of the girls "have a lot of sexy outfits going on," said Crew.

The show features characters who may be familiar to anyone who has spent time in Canada's winter playground.

Of course there are the sexy Australian boys; you can't take more than five steps without hearing a playful Aussie accent in Whistler.

Then there are the ridiculously wealthy jetsetters who fly in for some fun in the flakes.

Yes, it sounds soapy. But creator Kelly Senecal says his influences are more edgy. Nip/Tuck, Six Feet Under, Bury Me.

The show came about after Senecal was approached by CTV to develop a prime-time drama.

"They left the options open. They just really wanted the show to be set in Whistler. They saw the dramatic possibilities," said Senecal, on set at the base of Whistler Mountain.

"I just took it from there and went with a dysfunctional family, rich and poor and just created a big ensemble cast."

In Whistler, an international ski destination that will host the 2010 Olympics, the locals know all the dirt. So they are the focus of Senecal's show.

There are an array of characters, from teens to the mid-20s people who flock to Whistler to do nothing but party.

"I really wanted to show the lifestyle, which is coming here and losing your inhibitions and having some fun."

With all the material to work from, it's surprisingly one of the first Canadian dramas shot in Whistler. CTV has poured money into the production, financing 13 episodes to start.

Crew thinks it will fascinate people from across the country.

"All Canadians know about Whistler. If you haven't been, you want to go. And snowboarding is so hot right now. We've got that whole scene, including the night life in Whistler."

Crew says the show authentically portrays the carnival that goes down nightly in Whistler Village, which is driven by uninhibited tourists, many of whom have a penchant for jager-bombs (shots of Jagermeister liquor and Red Bull energy drink).

"We did party scenes that showed cocaine. They're not sugar coating anything. There's drugs, alcohol, sex. That's what keeps it so real and people can relate to it," says the 19-year-old, who still lives with her parents, 10 minutes from the suburban Langley, B.C., soundstage.

On the set, she was encouraged to grow up, push the limits and sex up the show.

"The producers are always like, undo one more button! And I'm like, is it too much? Is it OK? And they're like, yes Amanda, boobs."

The boys of Whistler are having a good time.

David Paetkau, who's closer to 30 but didn't want to reveal his exact age, is playing Beck, who the audience gets to know in flashbacks.

Whistler is his first Canadian series, which he auditioned for on a whim on his way home to the coastal town of Sechelt, B.C., for Thanksgiving last year.

He says the large cast clicked right away.

"We all get along swimmingly," he said.

He's proud of the show, which he says is different "from those other shows" like teen drama The O.C.

"It's unique in its own way. We've got a cold, snowy exotic location and the sex appeal of that," says Paetkau.

"Where it goes in a different direction is its tone. It's got a broader range in its subject matter. It should have a much broader audience.

"It's not centred around a high school or around a group of teenagers. It's centred around the whole spectrum of everyone involved in a place like Whistler."

Whistler will debut on the U.S. network, The N, on June 30.

© The Canadian Press, 2006

There's also an article at http://www.metronews.ca/entertainment_news_detail.asp?id=17033 but it's the usual advertising text.

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