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Site update

I uploaded a "Kyle XY" section - introduction, technical details, episodes guide, a detailed abstract of the pilot, and some Nick pics (http://cmarillier.free.fr/nicklea/kyle.html). Big size pictures behind the clicks LOL
Interesting, I made a screen-cap of the file Nick is holding inside his car, with details about Kyle.
BTW, help please... Can somebody explain what does mean the sentence "Kyle got game"?

I also completely re-build the "Lunch with Charles" section. Less pictures (I need room...) but the presentation is better (http://cmarillier.free.fr/nicklea/lwc.html).

I saw on a French site that the "Kyle XY" pilot had an audience of 2.600.000 which is a record for ABC Family. Crossing fingers for the following.

I really enjoyed the pilot! I want to know more :o)
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