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Old Movie Equipment Site

It's in French, but it's a site I made for a neighbour who became a pal. If old movie equipment makes you dreaming, you may watch it here:
Collection Maurice Blind
And remember, the more you click, the more Google is interested, so my referencement works better :o)
And if you speak French, you'll learn a lot of certified informations about movie history and technic...


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27th Sep, 2006 17:50 (UTC)
Nice job, kaNd! You've captured an era with the look, and I like that there are pictures scattered throughout the presentation. Looks like a lot of info, too, though my French is pretty marginal at this point. But you've broken it up nicely--always a good thing, since it's a well-known fact of marketing that when people see a large expanse of text, they tend to avoid reading it.
27th Sep, 2006 22:11 (UTC)
Thanks for the fb, Susan! First it was a fake Museum-site I had to do for my studies. I couldn't find a Museum accepting to work with me, so my teacher suggested a collector. I met Maurice who lives in the next village and accepted to let me work with his collection. It was really exciting, all the more as I'm learned enough in photography history. Once okay for my teacher, I was happy to see Maurice wishing to keep it as a personal site. I had just to adapt it a little.
The project was meant to teach me to work with a customer, listening to him, meeting his needs and aspirations, taking his critics, advising him and so on. Very useful! And Maurice already made me meet a (paying) customer, who's in the movie equipment business. And maybe more to come... :o)
27th Sep, 2006 18:47 (UTC)
Very nicely done, Kand.

I've got a movie camera and projector in super 8 from the 1960s, that belonged to my father, although I haven't had them out of the cupboard in many, many years.
27th Sep, 2006 22:14 (UTC)
Souvenirs, souvenirs... Daddy was filming in 16mm (he worked at Kodak, and was deep in photo and cinema technic). I remember the home seances... Holiday movies... I sold his equipment last year in an auction.
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