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I need a technical advice

My laptop (Fujitsu Amilo notebook) starts each time with a wrong date/hour. I have to fix it with the Bios Setup Utility. Otherwise it works okay, and it's not infected (checked).

R'ingTFM and calling the hot-line, the answer is perhaps the emergency battery is empty, either this or... I'll have to change the mother-board >o/. The hot-line says to have the puter sent to them for checking, for... 2 or 3 weeks. Aaaarrgh! Unfortunately the Bios Setup "advanced" section gives a warning about possible wrong values in IDE configuration, which could mean the mother-board. Ouch. Yet a restoration point at an earlier date (before the problem started) gives the same values and warning.

Another manual (for a slightly different model) advises to keep the laptop on main supply for 48 hours (keeping it turned off, I suppose) to reload the emergency battery. I'd be happy if this could confirm the origin of the problem before I part with my lappy for so long a time...

Does anybody had this kind of problem with her/his laptop? Please?

BTW, if any of you received a mail from me with a wrong date, it was before I found out about the problem, sorry.


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29th Sep, 2006 11:02 (UTC)
Thanks, Siberian :o)
It's not the main battery, it's been under recall once and changed. It's the emergency (rescue?) battery. If the problem's there, I can go on working with it, just fixing the date/hour each day when launching the laptop.
29th Sep, 2006 12:44 (UTC)
This simplest solution is to double click on your time in the corner. Check your time zone and make sure it is set correctly and check your Internet time and make sure it is checked to automatically synchronize. If these don't work it is probably the battery.

There's a little battery on your motherboard and that is what they are talking about. This is the battery that takes care of the system's date and time and as that battery runs out of juice, your time and date should just get behind a little more and a little more, like a watch's battery. It is just a simple matter of replacing the battery on the motherboard with a new one. They aren't expensive and they are just kind of popped in, and it shouldn't take several weeks, it should take someone that knows how to do it and has the replacement battery, about an hour.

I wish I could fly over and fix this for you.
29th Sep, 2006 13:15 (UTC)

This is the link to get the updates to your computer that may fix the problem. Just enter your id or serial number and it will take you to all available downloads. I would try this first right after checking the time and internet zones.

I'm off to work now, but I will check back tonight when I arrive home to see if anything has worked.
29th Sep, 2006 14:19 (UTC)
I looked on the Fujitsu page but the only updates for my laptop are software to know how to read the serial number - which I used to select the products LOL
29th Sep, 2006 14:13 (UTC)
It's highly plausible that this battery is causing problem. I called the association I'm a subscriber too (for house-cleaning, gardening, etc) for they have a computer maintenance service too. The guy told me the same thing. They're going to make an appointment and come here, and check the battery. If it's the solution, they'll change it :oD
30th Sep, 2006 02:21 (UTC)
Sounds like you have it covered then.

I'm glad you found a better solution than being without it for a few weeks.
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