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Sometimes everything is just going OK...

No kidding! For more than 10 days I was searching the whole house (even inside the garbage outside...) for two files I'd lost. Each of them most important, of course!
Eventually I found them back today, under the lower drawing of the cupboard where I stored them (just inside the almost flat space above the bottom of case, see?) I had asked the house elf, knotting my handkerchief, and he helped me at his best. I didn't forget to un-knot him and pour a cup of milk near the fireplace as a thank.
All the same, the bathroom was un-usable for two days, fully clogged pipes :o/. Charles (from our VYSC association) came and in half an hour he had emptied and cleaned everything.
And to end the day, the buyer on eBay that made me wait for three weeks sent his check, so I could send his package. Phew.
Okay, now I'm listening quietly to last night Canucks game (end of the 1st period, don't spoil me, thanks) and in a while I'll go to the hairdresser. Like Nick, "I need a haircut"... LOL


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11th Oct, 2006 18:47 (UTC)
Glad to know all those little things are going your way. Myself, I'm totally enjoying the late morning sun shining in through my window at the moment. I've got a throw blanket over my legs and am sitting here at my desk, looking out at the fall colors of the backyard and listening to birds chirp in the trees.

And after two days on the train, I'm so glad to be in a chair that's not moving!

Hope your nice moments continue, kaNd!
14th Oct, 2006 15:52 (UTC)
A nice picture, and peaceful... I'm glad you enjoy your new home, and I thank you for the photos you're sharing with us.
I love train! It would be a dream vacation for me (winning at the lottery, you know LOL), to be able to make long train travels. First through Canada, of course!
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