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Calendar Time!!!

Yes, time to think of 2007 Fox & Ratty Calendar.

This year's theme: NLC. Or, Ratty revisits Nick's roles.
Already sketched, "Lonesome Dove", "Money No Object", "Shot in the Face", "The Commish" and some retaliation on the ice after Existence... The illustrations will be full and detailed "paintings", like the 2006 ones.

Same conditions as last year:
- Wall calendar, 28 x 21 cm (42 cm when unfolded) is 20.00 €
- Desk calendar, 10.5 x 24 cm, foldable to stand on your desk, is 15.00 €.
Add shipping. You can pay with Paypal.

The calendars will come with lines either in English or French, your choice (the calendars themselves are in French).
I'll have them printed when asked for, so submit your orders :o) and I'll have them ready asap.
Please contact me by e-mail.


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