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Happy Birthdays
Have been busy, IPaq rang every days... <blushing with shame>


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20th Dec, 2006 16:50 (UTC)
Awwww, merci my love for the nice birthday wishes. I don't mind at all! What a nice surprise for today!

While I'm here, let me ask you...where can I find some more of Titof's films? I've watched the one you sent me many, many times! ;-)
20th Dec, 2006 18:23 (UTC)
Glad you loved it :o)
About Titof, I haven't any other, because Pink TV haven't aired any... I know he has played in several porn movies, some het, some gay. And I heard he's working on a second opus of his own, a kind of sequel to Ti'touch, which is good news!
I made a search on Imdb, but he hasn't a page. He must not be mistaken with Titoff (with 2 "F") who's a humourist and an actor), or Titeuf, who's a comic hero for teen-agers. Both very popular here!
He seems to have done at least three gay movies directed by Hervé Bodilis (Christophe, Pompier en service, Permission à Paris).
You can find his filmography with producer Marc Dorcel here where het and gay titles are mixed in alphabetical order. You have to check the descriptions (in French) to know!
If you're interested I'll look deeper :o) and make a list of the gay ones.
20th Dec, 2006 18:34 (UTC)
A sequel to Ti'touch??? Ooooooooooh. Yes, I'd love a list of the gay films...Ti'touch is amazing. I'll have to do some research and see if I can find his other films.
20th Dec, 2006 18:34 (UTC)
Titof, suite
You can read about Christophe, Permission à Paris, Titof and the College Boys, Titof, pompier en service.
Perhaps he played in other movies of this producer but his name isn't quoted. Perhaps on the DVD covers?
20th Dec, 2006 18:52 (UTC)
Titof in English
"Titof and the College Boys" is available at HisXpress as "College Cocks", and Hervé Bodilis (= Body Lisse, "Smooth Body") had his name translated to "Herve Handsome" LOL. Mind you, "Bodilis" exists as a name so, *perhaps* it's not an aka! Many other movies directed by him on the site but w/o mention of Titof in the cast.
This site is my main mine of infos about gay movies, they have an incredible catalogue with many details.
21st Dec, 2006 11:37 (UTC)
Oh what a lovely present!!!
Thank you so much....I am thrilled by the cartoon and by the company I'm sharing. I love your work. Poor dim little Foxy can't believe his eyes and is Ratty clutching a card? ((((Many Hugs))))
21st Dec, 2006 17:23 (UTC)
Re: Oh what a lovely present!!!
No, he's putting his wallet back into his fur...
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