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A shitty morning

As foretold I went with Paul to Brunoy to see the audio-prosthetic dude.

Paul is almost totally deaf, but he *wants* to use the phone! So I bought a new home phone whose receiver has a socket to plug in a magnetic induction loop - special stuff for deaf people. Our seller found the magnetic loop (after I gave him the name, reference and all, 'cause he didn't make the search himself on the Net...) and I had to bring the phone, the prosthetics and Paul together for a test. The guy tried to configure the prosthetics and realized one of them didn't work properly. There's a tiny switch on it to go from acoustic to magnetic and back, and it was out of order on the left prosthetic. So we spent half an hour for nothing, plus a double ride in cab, plus a tantrum by hubbie because I hadn't written down the hour of the appointment for him. I had, but gave him yesterday before he went to bed, and of course he forgot he had it. He kept complaining he's been awoke since 8:00am, but of course when the cab arrived at 10:45, he wasn't ready!

So the dude's sending the prosthetic to the workshop for a repair (third time in one month!), I'll have to go again to take it back, then we'll test it at home- how much do you bet it won't work?

And *even* if it works... I'm sure Paul will never use it, like all the devices he already bought to no avail. SHIT! And anyway, how is he going to use the phone (but to call me when I'm outside) as new phones all have screen and multi-use keys. Memorized numbers don't work by just hitting a key as before, you have to open the "address book" and search for the name. Paul's unable to read anything on my laptop screen... and doesn't know the 1st thing about computer system, menus and else. At least my cellular number is the first in row, he has just to hit two buttons (I'll have to make a big note).

Let's admit it, this brave new world isn't made for old people. I can understand why he feels frustrated. I was hoping to find a transmitter so he could use this magnetic loop to listen to telly, but even if it works, everybody in the box is talking far too quickly for him to understand. I have to repeat stuff 3 or 4 times at least, and I'm not sure he gets it. There are not very many broadcasts with teletext (subtitles for deaf people) and anyway this doesn't work if the DVD recorder is turned on!

Boy, am I pissed off...

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