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Fox & Ratty Cartoon Of The Day: VBPI #2

Extract from Dr Jerome "Geronimo" Horne private diary:
"This must be overpressure or perhaps a feeling of guilt since I'm partially responsible of the alien moths invasion, but I'm suffering a recurrent nightmare. Each night, I dream of a fairly tall orange hairy fox, frolicking in a sunflower field. As soon as he catches sight of me, he starts chasing me through the flowers, calling me "Alex" and accusing me of having "killed his Van Gogh". I wake up in a sweat, exhausted and with a boner. I can't stand this anymore."


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26th Jan, 2007 15:43 (UTC)
LOL! Loved that extract :-)
26th Jan, 2007 20:13 (UTC)
*chortles* Poor Geronimo. Though I gotta say, Fox does look adorable! :)

And why are you enraged? *huggles kandie*
27th Jan, 2007 12:17 (UTC)
And why are you enraged?

Sigh. Paul (my old hubbie) asked for our Douglas pine to be trimmed, because it was "shit" - meaning each time there's a gust of wind there are small pieces of branches falling down. First he asked it to be cut a few meters and the branches shortened, I wasn't happy but I accepted. Turns, when the trimmers were here yesterday, he required they cut ALL the branches, and then the trunk to veranda height. Now the pine is going to die slowly (about 5 years). I asked to keep at least this part because there's a huge ivy around with many birds nests inside.

I let him do, against all reason, because I didn't want to hear him complain and have a tantrum each day about. But what did I win? Each day, each time I look into the garden, I see the result of this slaughter, and it will be so as long as I live here.

I swear, it's the last time I let him do such a thing. He can put all the tantrums he wants, I'll be adamant. He's losing his marbles, perhaps it's normal for a 90 years old, but I haven't to suffer from it.

Wanna see the result? Here's how it looks now:
Douglas today
And how it looked before, you can see only a small part because it was higher than the house and wide in proportion:
Douglas before
I feel totally depressed, I'd like to "forget" but with the evidence under my very eyes... I can't.
28th Jan, 2007 03:13 (UTC)
The VBPI cartoons are wonderful. I loved both of them and look forward to more.
I'm so sorry about your tree. I certainly understand how you feel. I had a "helpful" neighbor who decided to trim some limbs on a huge evergreen tree in my front yard. It looked very strange as she cut some of the bottom limbs on one side. It was quite a shock since I had no idea she would do such a thing. Anyway I wish there was something I could do to make you feel better about your tree. Maybe time will help.
28th Jan, 2007 18:36 (UTC)
Thanks, dear. But time will only remind me each time I look in the garden, alas.
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