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"Fox & Ratty" Site Updated

I had made a new version (2.0!) of my F&R site, but the structure was too heavy (two pages for each cartoon for bilingualism) and as a result, I never really kept it updated, far from it <blushing>

So I just made a third version, the translation of caption being under the cartoon and that's all! Nevertheless, everything "adult" (summary, pages and pics) are in a single file protected by a parental code (PICS label) which should keep younger people away.

I started with the last published cartoons on one hand and on the other, I began to re-scan older cartoons from 2003 (earlier ones are in an album, face to face, and suffered from pencil transfer so I'll have to clean them thoroughly.) You'll be able to re-discover (or discover) old cartoons. I'm processing them in chronological order, no preference, and I didn't remember some of them myself LOL

I even made a "shopping" page with links towards the page bardsmaid kindly put to my disposal on CafePress to sell mugs, mouse-pads, tee-shirts and else. Thank you sweetie! There's also links towards this LJ and my Nick_Lea.fr site.

I won't publish w/o authorization cartoons made especially for my friends, like BD cards. I'll ask you individually, okay?

Last detail, cartoons are displayed 600px width and generally weight around 35Kb. It's a little heavier than the recommended weight for a web pic (20Kb) but I think it's a good compromise.

So, please visit and I hope you'll enjoy! http://kandonline.perso.orange.fr/cartoons/


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14th Feb, 2007 10:10 (UTC)
This looks nice, thanks for sharing :))
16th Feb, 2007 15:02 (UTC)
Your site is great and I loved viewing all your cartoons! I've been there before, but not in a while. Thank you!
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