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I don't want to throw flowers to myself, but I'm very happy with Ratty's position and motion here :o)

Totally OT, what a day! Okay, it's not ended yet...

Due to spooky circumstances, Paul (probably) unplugged the satellite decoder right at the moment when there was an updating! I never could re-start it properly and had to go to Brunoy (second time in two days) to have it exchanged. (Whilst I was at it I pinched my thumb in the store's door, it hurts.) Once at home I was upset as the decoder didn't start when I plugged it in, but I suppose a few minutes were needed w/o anything before it caught the signal. Now it's working all right...

Now I have to find a plumber because our toilets have a tiny leak and Paul absolutely wants to fix it. I've complained about this leak for, what, 10 or 15 years? And suddenly, it's important and can't wait? Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh. Okay, I'll call the plumber and ask for a whole new appliance. If Paul doesn't agree with that, to Hell, I'll have a new one anyway. And I don't want hubby to try to fix anything again. He was a fine handicraft-man 20 years ago, but now... Grmph.

Let's hope tonight chat with aqualegia will comfort and soothen me... It never fails to! LOL


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1st Mar, 2007 17:49 (UTC)
LOL! Love the look on both their faces in this one :-)
1st Mar, 2007 18:23 (UTC)
Ratty looks very agitated, reaching as far as he can; and Fox is not sure whether to believe him or not... of course I believe him.

I plan to be at RatChat tonight. Let's hope I don't get interrupted by a power outage, like last week. Talk to you later :o)
1st Mar, 2007 19:00 (UTC)
Black leather jacket, handcuffs - what more do you need?! LOL! *happy sigh*

And ROFLMAO! Love the idea of Ratty not wanting to use the good equipment to do dirty work like killing people. *g*
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