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Sarko Day 1
Okay, I'm officially guilty of lèse-président... Just add it to my file that what opened in '69 at Préfecture, will you? Showing the finger.


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7th May, 2007 17:39 (UTC)
Awwwww. *hugs* If it's any consolation, I can definitely understand how you feel.
7th May, 2007 19:00 (UTC)
((((hugs you and the pets}}}

7th May, 2007 20:20 (UTC)
Thank you! Fortunately for the pets, they live in Cartoonland where the Smurfs are very cute beings :o) and they don't intend to immigrate to France, so they won't have to learn to speak French properly, to be politically correct, to have papers to find a job *and* a job to find papers, and so on... And they'll go on bonking like bunnies w/o caring for the anti-p0rn laws on the Net, that's a promise!
8th May, 2007 03:57 (UTC)
You forgot to add that the smurfs won't have to worry about the baby smurfs being tested in Kindergarten and found to be sociopaths.

Love the cartoon, so sorry about the inspiration for this one. Being that I'm from the US and have suffered through baby Bush's first term and half of a second term, I do know where you are coming from.

I love that you've got a file showing someone what you think of them. :) I feel like I am friends with a rebel with a cause. :)
8th May, 2007 12:25 (UTC)
It was about sexual freedom, in fact ROTFLMAO. Censorship was still heavy in France then (movie, books, pictures most of all) and I made drawings for a magazine that was published in Netherlands (and discreetly imported, of course), "Suck". I worked too with Truong who was the creator of "sex-shops" (Trade mark!). The father of my best friend, Isabelle, was a policeman (high level) and didn't appreciate me at all, so he did all he could to keep us to meet again (we were parted because of her studies). So, I inherited of a file... As police is *rather* conservative (cough, cough), the file probably's still somewhere in a a card box!

And I found back my childhood friend some 15 years ago, and we're still like sisters!
For "Suck" creator, Jim Haynes, we've been friends for almost 40 years now... Make love, not war!
10th May, 2007 03:04 (UTC)
I love it! You are so cool.

I'm glad you found your childhood friend again. :)

I'm going to try and find a few of Jim Hayne's books. I visited his site and his books sound very interesting.
9th May, 2007 12:15 (UTC)
Sending you and the pets hugs. ::hugs:: Wish there was more I could do.
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