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Does one of you know the official term for pearl whose surface is un-smooth? Not "blemished", it's not a default, just a special surface given to artificial beads. In French they're said to be "granitée", ie, granite-like.

Here's a photo to show what I mean:
Perle granitée
For curious ones :o) the crystal beside is a swarovski and its international official colour is "Light Colorado Topaz" - so you see, I can't write rubbish...


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10th May, 2007 17:29 (UTC)
The only thing I can think of is an irregular surface. I can't seem to find a specific translation for "granité" to do with pearls.

Good luck! =>}
10th May, 2007 18:29 (UTC)
10th May, 2007 18:48 (UTC)
Thanks for that one, Lynda, but it's about natural pearls, whose value depends on smoothness- that's why they talk of "blemish" or "flaw" when the surface is irregular.
For artificial beads, this "granite-like" aspect is expressly made, for pearls as well for metal, china, ceramic... This is a special effect (which isn't my cup of tea, but of tastes and colours...)
10th May, 2007 21:52 (UTC)
The first thing that came to my mind was "rough" pearls and a Google search seems to confirm that...check it out and see what you think.
10th May, 2007 22:33 (UTC)
Hmm, I don't think so, the Spanish translation (first site I come upon) is "rusticas". We found pitted, sugar beads, brushed, with granulation... But none of those look like the one above. It seems to be very special! Happy me... HmpH.

Thanks for all your efforts!
11th May, 2007 03:09 (UTC)
Maybe 'faceted'? Like the ones on this page: http://jewelsbysher.com/Earrings/earrings.htm
Fourth picture from the bottom on the left. I know it's not exactly the same but it's close I think.
11th May, 2007 13:29 (UTC)
Thanks for all your efforts! We searched with Lynda yesterday evening, vainly. It seems to be a special feature Christine's provider created. I'll call that "granulated" or rather, I'll explain in French (it's a French site!) and I'll add a symbol beside the English name (official nomenclature) to signal this special aspect.
That's good to have so many help at once! You're great!!! {{{{hug you all}}}
12th May, 2007 12:39 (UTC)
When I was working for a jeweler, we used to call them natural pearls but the name for them could be different now.
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