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One of the few advantages of not being rich... Though some can cope with LOL
IRS results
OT, Paul had to go to the hospital. Nothing *serious* but he's suffering (his bums, poor dear). Mainly non-material causes, probably, as many old people, but this is not a sufficient reason to let him suffer. They should find a solution, if not a reason. I'll call later this evening to have news. I won't be able to visit him as the Intercommunal Hospital is far enough and I can't easily leave home. It should be a few days only, anyway. I provided him with two thick books and his tiny teddy-bear :o)


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21st May, 2007 17:39 (UTC)
LOL! Is that a cheesetini in Ratty's hand? ;) And I love Foxy's empty pockets. *g*

I'm so sorry to hear about Paul. I'm keeping you both in my thoughts and hoping that he'll be feeling better and back home before you know it. :)
21st May, 2007 19:13 (UTC)
Hope Paul is feeling better soon!
22nd May, 2007 07:56 (UTC)
Thank you, dears
Yup, thank you for your support. Eventually they brought him back at home at half past... midnight. I called every hour to have news w/o being able to find anybody to answer me. On the last call, the lady told me he was leaving and seemed absolutely surprised that I didn't know. How could I? I'm not a telephath!
He was brave enough to stand up several times by himself to drink from the faucet as nobody gave him a drop of water (he's only 90 with kidney problems, after all). He remained some 5 hours in a corridor, they're overloaded, that's true. At least he had an X-ray (that they didn't give him, of course, I'll have to call our family doctor for her to obtain it, I suppose). Good thing is they gave him a real treatment for hemorroids and allowed him painkillers. This morning, O miracle, he doesn't suffer and I went at once at the chemist to have his medications. Crossing fingers...
22nd May, 2007 12:14 (UTC)
Re: Thank you, dears
That's good news. What a silly time to send him home... and to leave him without water is incredible. I'm gald he's okay, and that the medication hasn't upset him.

Somehow I managed to miss seeing this yesterday.
23rd May, 2007 13:22 (UTC)
I love the cartoon. Poor Foxy, I know how he feels about empty pockets. It does help at tax time though. :)

I'm glad to read that Paul is back home. I hope the medication is working and that he is doing fine.
25th May, 2007 12:46 (UTC)
Thanks for your sympathy. One day Paul's complaining about everything, the next he's quiet and oblivious of his problems. So I don't know if the treatment is working; probably yes! But on the neuralgia side, it's difficult to cope with it each day. There's no material cause, so only painkillers can do something. Thanks God it seems less frequent than before. I believe it's common enough a problem with old people.
Hemorrhoids, neuralgia and skin irritation are all in the same area so they must interact.
26th May, 2007 08:55 (UTC)
Love the cartoon, especially the martini *cheesetini?* in Ratty's hand. I do hope that Paul is feeling better soon.
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