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I found my PW to PhotoBucket... I was wrong with the ID!
So, Foxy's laptop too has problems, of course, but he's less a philosoph than myself, if a psychologist.
Laptop ER


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23rd May, 2007 17:57 (UTC)
Hope it's fixed soon :-)
23rd May, 2007 21:11 (UTC)
The Holy Cheese Hospital's diagnosis is confirmed... So Lapy will receive a graft, same as Lynda's, in his cute little slot. Yes, *slot*, I'm sure some of you read "slut"- just because I wrote too fast! But it should take a week or so, time for them to find the cardbus.

Anyway I can't stand anymore my old desk chair (I mean, my back can't) so I moved the big PC close to my comfortable armchair. As all the equipment is on a table on wheels with several shelves, a kit I mounted myself, yes! it's heavy but functional so I just had to arrange all the cables and plugs. I'm farther than one meter from the screen but this 17", 800x600 looks very big when you're used to a laptop. And the keyboard is lighter and fresher in my lap :o)

I have no reason anymore not to write, publish, read, chat, and... work on my PHP exercises. session_start(), for real LOL
24th May, 2007 04:24 (UTC)
I love computer porn!
24th May, 2007 08:02 (UTC)
I plugged my laser mouse to the Big PC and Behold! it doesn't work either. Looks like the short-circuit hit it to. A dead mouse, snif! And this one was a regular Speedy Gonzales... So I'm back to the disco one, with aaaaall its little lights twinkling all over. Cute. Too bad the wheel doesn't work anymore either, so I have to use the good ol'lift bar to scroll. Nobody's perfect. I suppose I'll have to hire a new rat...
24th May, 2007 14:58 (UTC)
I love the way Ratty is trying to comfort Foxy. :)

I'm glad you are up and running again, although i know you are looking forward to getting your laptop back. It probably will be a very long week.

Disco Mouse?
We definitely need a picture of that. :)
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