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The Big Thunderstorm

We had a big, big thunderstorm this afternoon (there was a weather warning but only for South of France).

My grocer's son told me he saw a man hurrying in the street under the heavy rain, and a lightning was running just beside him on the sidewalk! I can tell you the boy was impressed and I would have been too seeing that!

Another true thunderstorm story? Paul's grand-mother (we're talking beginning of XXth century here) was living in Morvan (center of France, an area rather wild and remote). For a living she was selling dry goods as a migrant, with a donkey. The farmers' wives payed her with rabbit skins. Her house was a stone one, just one or two rooms, with the donkey stable being part of it. One day there was a thunderstorm (usual in this place) and a lightning ball entered the stable, killed the donkey, drilled through the wall, ran under her metallic bed and out, w/o hurting her. Then she came to live with her children as she couldn't work w/o her donkey, of course.


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25th May, 2007 18:51 (UTC)
One of my most impressive memories is a thunderstorm in the country where we often came to visit my father's mother. The nights are very dark in the country and the lightnings are very bright and the thunder is deafening. It feels...primeval. But still I'm not afraid of thunderstorms, I'm just...viewing them as a wonder of nature.

Actually they forecast the weekend of heat and thunderstorms here.
25th May, 2007 21:38 (UTC)
I'm impressed by thunderstorms (who isn't?) but not really afraid, perhaps because I was born during one! And poor Daddy was waiting in the clinic's garden, drenched to the bones...
25th May, 2007 19:21 (UTC)
Interesting story.

My grandma also once told me she had seen a lightning ball ('Kugelblitz' in German) in her youth. Modern physics for a long time declared that phenomenon to be non-existing (since they didn't have the fitting theory ;). Only in the last years they slowly accept that it might exist.
25th May, 2007 21:43 (UTC)
My friend Isabelle experimented one a few years ago. It came in her apartment through the balcony window, crossed the living and left by the kitchen window! She lives in the suburb East of Paris.

And Mom heard of somebody she knows, who lives in a town next to here, the lightning ball passed under his chair and between his legs...
26th May, 2007 00:02 (UTC)
I love storm stories...
I've seen ball electricity from lightning twice. Once, as a child, lightning struck the telephone pole, came in the house, exited at the outlet in ball form and dissipated against the opposite wall of the living room). My uncle was on the phone at the time and was knocked unconscious. His ear bled and he was deaf in that ear for months, but lucky to live over it.

When I was in my early twenties, we lived in an older home with the older screw-in fuses and the fuse box was in the kitchen. Lightning hit the electrical transformer on the pole outside and went out of the fuse box in ball form. There was the most tremendous crack</i> of thunder and my oldest son (who was around three at the time) and I hit the floor screaming. It scared the crud out of us.

I'm not ordinarily scared of storms (we're having them off and on today, in fact). But, I live in Tornado Alley, so I do respect them.
26th May, 2007 00:03 (UTC)
Re: I love storm stories...
crap, wouldn't you know I'd mess up the coding! Grr. Sorry. :-(

*still wishing we could edit comments*
25th May, 2007 22:07 (UTC)
I love watching thunderstorms... there is one, however, that has stuck in my memory. We were on holiday in Venice, waiting at the Doges Palace for our water-bus, when a storm started out over the lagoon... the play of light was fascinating... especially as the lightening was pink.
26th May, 2007 17:06 (UTC)
More lightning stories
This morning at the market I talked about yesterday's thunderstorm with the fishmonger. She lives in another village farther South and they had a huge hailstorm too.

She told me that as a child, on her way back from school with a few friends, they saw a lightning ball follow a power cable above a metallic fence.

More curious and impressive: her mother was dining with her family, sitting at a solid oak table, when a lightning entered the house, properly cut the table in two all along between them before exiting. Nobody was hurt but her mother has been deadly afraid of thunderstorm since that day.
27th May, 2007 09:11 (UTC)
Re: More lightning stories
With that experience, I'm not surprised her mother is afraid of them!
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