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My Cutie Lapy-Topy is Baaaack!

Booh-ooh-ooh. Wipes her eyes with her sleeve. You know what? I'm happy!
I have a beautiful cardbus with two pretty USB ports, just like aqualegia, yup! And ya know what? It's working! LOL

Okay, I'll go on using the big PC for writing long text and codes as the font display is far bigger on the 17" monitor (my sight isn't improving). But processing pictures needs wider definition so it will be to laptop, and Internet connection too as my Viguard version is updated on it. Phew!

Totally OT, I watched "Touch Of Pink" a few days ago. I checked it on my TV schedule because of Kyle McLachlan, I didn't notice Suleka in the cast, but I recognized her as soon as she appeared on the screen :o) She's way too young to look like a 50 years old as Nuru, Alim's mother, even with make up, but like Nick she's convincing and touching. A very beautiful role. Really sweet and deep.

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