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Lot of roses this year...

Due to continuous heat, I suppose. If only it could rain. Floribundas were never that profuse.
It's the entrance to our house.
Welcome home


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9th Jun, 2007 13:14 (UTC)
A typical french-living-land-house. You have to see these folding shutter and you know, I'm in france :o)
9th Jun, 2007 14:19 (UTC)
9th Jun, 2007 18:22 (UTC)
Wow, this is beautiful! Me jealous! :)
9th Jun, 2007 18:29 (UTC)
Very nice picture Kand, and it's pretty much how I imagined it would look from your description :)
9th Jun, 2007 19:19 (UTC)
Oh, it's so beautiful! Just like I imagined it. What a great place to live. (and a restaurant right next door! too perfect) :D
9th Jun, 2007 19:39 (UTC)
They're just lovely!

Right now I have some beautiful yellow irises and the peonies and poppies are about to burst open. =>}
9th Jun, 2007 20:17 (UTC)
If you look closely to the middle of the threshold, you can see a tiny dark mark, right? I should photograph it some day... That's paw prints!
When we had this re-done 30 years ago (with the inner tiles) our new cat (Passepartout) couldn't keep from stepping in the fresh cement. Hollywood Cat! But he didn't sign LOL
10th Jun, 2007 02:42 (UTC)
You have a beautiful Home and I am assuming since you had the cement done 30 years ago that you are also the one that planted everything. Beautiful. :)
10th Jun, 2007 13:16 (UTC)
you are also the one that planted everything

Thanks, but not all of it. The "Virginia Creeper" was there long before, and the honeysuckle in the corner too as well as the ivy on the dividing wall. Of course we changed and added lot of things along the years.

The house was built circa 1830, this small garden in the front was a yard; the "real" garden is on the rear side of the house.

You may see it at FlashEarth. If you zoom in to the maximum, you'll miss a part of the rear garden on the South! The "yard" is on the NE side.

The big foursquare square surrounded with buildings on the NW, with a pigeon-house in the middle and the tennis courts behind, is the City Hall, an ancient farm that belonged to Monsieur, brother to King Louis XIV.
10th Jun, 2007 16:19 (UTC)
For some reason, I received four of your post in my email. I expected to come here and see four of them. :)

That was very cool with FlashEarth. I loved seeing your home that way. I zoomed in, I zoomed out, I lost my place and clicked on the link again and zoomed in and out enough that I believe if I ever fly over, I can find your home from the aerial view. :)

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing that with me and the history surrounding you and the area you live in is incredible. My home was built in the 1960s and I though it had a bit of history. I was wrong. :)
10th Jun, 2007 16:59 (UTC)
For some reason, I received four of your post in my email.
Typos and wrong manips, I canceled the text several times... That's the reason. Contrary to the original post, comments can only be deleted and re-published, not edited and corrected...
10th Jun, 2007 17:06 (UTC)
I thought it was LJ. It has been so slow lately and I read some people were having a hard time posting long comments.

Have you tried Google Earth? It is similar to FlashEarth. You just need to make sure when you install it, that you unclick installing anything but Google Earth.


10th Jun, 2007 17:20 (UTC)
My home was built in the 1960s

I think the oldest building in the village is the Tripier family's. Their older son Sylvain made some researches and it appears to be from XVIIth century, it's before 1700.

The Farm (City Hall) was older but has been rebuilt several times since Middle Age. It was called then "Les Tours Grises", the Grey Towers. Very LOTR :o)

In the next village of Boussy-Saint-Antoine, there's a mill ("de Rochopt") from XIIIth century, and the "Old Bridge" (before 1364) that's still in use. The bus crosses it many time a day. It holds! There's also a menhir. It's said the name of our village, Mandres, comes from "men" which would mean "hearth" in Celt.
12th Jun, 2007 23:43 (UTC)
The city that I live in, started being built in 1906, so you can imagine how fascinating I find the history of your home and your village. Thank you for sharing this. :)

I loved the LOTR reference, it puts the whole village in another context. :) I can see the people way back when, on their horses, traveling and fighting the bad guys. :)

That's incredible that the mill and the bridge are still being used. Before 1364, amazing.
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