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For all you slash readers, good news...

I discovered this author, M.L. Rhodes.

I was searching for gay erotica on amazon and bought some books written "by men for men", and blah, it was hard and tough, no schmooch of course (this I could go over) but w/o long graphically explicit sex! I mean, if they do it as quickly as they describe it, they must really end frustrated ROTFLMAO

Then among proposed books, there was this title, "Falling" by Mrs Rhodes. And if you haven't read it, run for it!!! You're going to looooooove it! There's magic (yes, like in HP), police mystery (like all the cops thrillers you may enjoy), spooky case (believe me, it's an X-File...) and hot, steamy, wonderful, delightful, detailed sex between gorgeous men taking their time and a lot of things in hand (even kinky stuff, that kitchen scene is, waooooh...) and not being afraid of being in love and saying it...

You already knew that, right? Only women can write real slash!!!

Ooookay, now I'm going to watch Kyle 2x02 I downloaded last night, and then search for more books by M.L. Rhodes! She's been a professional writer for 20 years, so there must be a lot to wank drool read over.

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