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Floral Exhibition in Mandres

The yearly exhibition took place yesterday, I made a lot of snapshots for the Committee, but here are some I processed (or not...) to obtain more personal clichés.
Pink roses on grey bg
There are 11 pics and they're big enough, so better to put them after the cut.

In the main part they organized the flower beds around a central palm tree that made an interesting contrast against the antique frame:
Palm and ceiling
Kind of small bamboos, I suppose; the picture is processed but the original was prettily in those hues, only less contrasted:i
A water lily, heavily processed this time:
Water Lily
A huge and beautiful piece of wood they used as part of the scenery:
Original picture, unprocessed, natural light:
Dark red roses and lot of processing (the background was white...):
Dark roses
Another bouquet of roses, natural light (it's all local production, of course):
Bouquet, 2
d°, natural light too, the red background was their own idea:
Bouquet, 3
Bicolour roses, natural light again (I used flash also but it tends to crush the colours when you can't use tripod and indirect light); plus, their own lighting was well studied:
Bouquet, 4
Not in the exhibition :o) but at the main gate of the City Hall yard, which is an old farm. It's the kind of stone that was used to protect the wall from the wagons' and coaches' wheels:
All photos taken with Canon EOS 400D.

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