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Yes, we're in July, and it was 54°F (12°C) this morning... And yes, it's NORTH hemisphere! Of course, we had more than 100"F in April, so...
Cold July


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10th Jul, 2007 13:23 (UTC)
LOL! Yup! Summer in Europe this year was in April. Now we're in the middle of Fall, and we'll get the first snow in mid-August! ;)
(Deleted comment)
10th Jul, 2007 14:05 (UTC)
But then you'll have to sign for the rainiest (?) month of July recorded for long, and continous thunderstorms...
10th Jul, 2007 15:38 (UTC)
Love it, kaNd!

I wish we were going to be in need of the fireplace tonight instead of hitting close to 100 degrees this afternoon. At least our yard is covered with big trees to shade us (though not the house in the p.m.) I can never figure out what's going through the heads of so many Southern California town administrations when they either cut down all their big trees or trim them so severely that they give no shade. Maybe the hot temps this summer will make them change their strategy.
10th Jul, 2007 16:08 (UTC)
I'd like it to cool down some, but probably not that much! LOL

I like the cartoon! Did you base the sweaters off the one Nick wore in Once a Thief?
10th Jul, 2007 16:38 (UTC)
Did you base the sweaters off the one Nick wore in Once a Thief?
Shame on me, I didn't... I just thought of traditional Irish sweaters...
10th Jul, 2007 17:21 (UTC)
I Love the sweaters :) I've knitted a few like those over the years. It hasn't really been cold here, but we've had an awful lot of rain... Lots of thnder and lightening, and the sun is shining as well. I think we've had even more rain than usual. If anyone has been watching the tennis at Wimbledon, I'm sure they're aware of that LOL
10th Jul, 2007 17:47 (UTC)
Mmmm, Ratty and Foxy look so cozy by the fire. I'd much rather be snuggled up in a sweater on a cold day! It's about 100°F here today. *whew*
10th Jul, 2007 20:08 (UTC)
Well, its the same here in germany. But for the weekend, the summer comes back!!!!!!!!!!!
11th Jul, 2007 14:23 (UTC)
They look so nice and warm. I am thinking of heading up to Queensland to escape the cold here and visit my niece soon, hopefully. :-)
12th Jul, 2007 17:36 (UTC)
Sweaters, Hot Chocolate, and a romantic fire makes me wish Summer was over and that it was Fall now. Enjoy that weather. :)

Sweet cartoon. This image will be in my head all day. Maybe it will keep me cooler. :)
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