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Another Nick?

We already know there's a poet with that name in Ottawa, and a jazz critic.
But I read this on the calendar of the Railway Club in Vancouver, for June 30:

"TWISTED SISKEL + Mikey Manville

Twisted Siskel, which does 80 years of popular music in decidedly twisted fashion, includes:
Ken Eisner, Glen Schaefer Guitars and vocals
Ron Yamauchi Keyboards, accordion and vocals
David Welsford Standup 5-string bass
Keith Kennedy Drums and percussion

with lead and backup vocals from:
Rebecca Jenkins
Cecille Larochelle
Belinda Metz
Nick Lea"

Is it a fourth Nick Lea, or is it *ours*??
Vancouverites, your opinon?


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24th Jul, 2007 14:38 (UTC)
Hmm....I actually do remember reading something...I think it was last summer, when Nick did the con in Richmond, B.C. I think it was decadentdreams who reported in her transcript of Nick's comments that he has a band again and he's singing with them. I remember something about it being a bunch of music critics? Hmmm...it could actually be him!! I don't know...omg someone in Vancouver has to find out and report! *faints at the thought of finally hearing Nick sing*
24th Jul, 2007 15:58 (UTC)
I think it's OUR Nick! I do! He said last year that he played with a group that included members of the media at an event at the Railway Club... And since Ken Eisner and Glen Schaefer are definitely local media I'd say that is definitely our Nick Lea. So that was June 30, 2007? Damn it. I missed it. :(

But now I know the name of the 'band' that he plays with! :D
24th Jul, 2007 16:51 (UTC)
Fichtre !!!! We definitely must find more about this! I posted on nicklea.com board, perhaps some BC dwellers can have more infos. But if so, I think they didn't realize, or they would have shared, wouldn't they?
24th Jul, 2007 17:32 (UTC)
It's him! It's him! I'm 99% sure of it. I did a Google search on "Twisted Siskel" and from the entries I found, it appears that they're film critics, not music critics (which would explain how they know Nick), a couple of whom write for the Georgia Straight (or Strait, I'm not sure which), which is apparently a sort of uber-hip free paper in Vancouver.

Looks like one of the gigs they did was to raise money for a new actors retirement home in Vancouver.

I'm also guessing from what Kand posted above, that Nick probably shares occasional singing duties with some other vocalists, probably due to scheduling. I get the idea he joins in from time to time but doesn't sing with them all the time, but I don't know for sure, of course.

But I'm really sure it's him. Eeeee! Deccy, you have GOT to go to a performance soon and report back to us! ;)
24th Jul, 2007 17:44 (UTC)
Searching deeper...
On Georgia Straight.com (where I found the link towards this event), it's said about another one with this group (in 2006):


A fundraising night of wacked-out covers of songs from the 1930s through the '80s, featuring a roving band of local film critics, including Georgia Straight writers Ken Eisner and Ron Yamauchi, and Glen Schaefer from the Province. Proceeds support the Performing Arts Lodge, Vancouver's new retirement home for actors and performers. July 7, 9 pm, Media Club (695 Cambie). Tix $10 at the door only, info 604-608-2871."

A benefit performance quite looks like Nick; what's more, the event was hosted by none but... Benjamin Ratner! (http://www.mediabistro.com/events/view_event.asp?id=7510)
Unfortunately the show isn't listed yet in the archives of the Media Lounge.

They tell also of a concert on January 4, 2007, at the Railway Club too:

"Twisted Siskel, Il Satyricons
Twisted Siskel (featuring Bocephus King) is Georgia Straight film critic Ken Eisner and Province writer Glen Schaefer on guitars and vocals, the Straight's Ron Yamauchi on keyboards, accordion, and vocals, rhythm section of bassist David Welsford and drummer Keith Kennedy. With Il Satyricons."

On a blog (Georgia Straight too), a post announcing it is entitled "When movie reviewers make music ..." which would confirm Lorelei's answer...

A note by Yamauchi Ron reads "(...)(and has even led me into music, as accordionist for the Vancouver film critics' band, Twisted Siskel)(...)"

TO COME (I hope it's really 2007!): "Twisted Siskel" announced for August 3rd at Fairview Pub. Watch out their "artist" page as it's currently displaying "July artists".

Of course, even if it's *our* Nick :o) this doesn't mean he's performing with the group each time?

Anyway, the band's name seems coming from a movie critic, Gene Siskel:

"This is the show where Gene Siskel, the late tall, bald movie critic from The Chicago Tribune would debate film with the living short, fat movie critic Roger Ebert from The Chicago Sun-Times."
24th Jul, 2007 16:00 (UTC)
I know there´s a jazz critic called Nick Lea. It all depends on what kind of music that is, maybe the jazz critic sings?

Or was it really Nick and no one noticed? Oh man...
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