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Fox & Ratty Cartoon Of The Day: Stage, #4

"Oracle of Râma" (XVIth century). This is a little like the Yi-King, only it's inspired by the Râmâyana. The oracle is organized in 7 parts of 7 chapters, each of 7 oracles. You don't ask a specific question. Using 108 beads, or seeds, or whatever, you put apart one share for Râma, then you make 3 parts of the remaining beads. You divide each packs by 7 and keep the remainder. This gives you, in order, the part, chapter and oracle... (Listen, in the background, there will be an exam at the end ROTFLMAO)

First morning, about a powerful tapas that could give you anything you want, I said what I need most is patience (at home). The same night as we drew the oracle, it answered me: "Patience and understanding". Well...

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