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We made a sacrifice to fire at night. Chanting mantras and dropping gee (clarified butter) in the flames. Beautiful!
The real thing:
Fire sacrifice


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28th Aug, 2007 13:43 (UTC)
LOL, Ratty setting Fox's tail on fire! :D

The real ceremony looks beautiful.
28th Aug, 2007 15:27 (UTC)
Here's another pic. The empty seat is mine :o)
We were 14 (among which the young daughter of our hosts and one of her school friends). As each of us chanted the Tryambakam mantra twelve times (plus a few now and then), we had to burn a box of cow drops. Nope, it didn't smell bad. Even in open air, incense was stronger.
Sacrifice, 2
28th Aug, 2007 17:15 (UTC)
You can see the thought process... sniff - something's burning.

28th Aug, 2007 18:24 (UTC)
... and it doesn't quite smell like incense... LOL
28th Aug, 2007 17:30 (UTC)
It really does look beautiful, and the cartoons have been a real education! It's neat to see the pets exploring something like this.

I'm sorry, I'm a bit behind on things...are you converting? (Hope that's not too personal)

Btw, I e-mailed you a couple of weeks ago. Hope I have the right e-mail address! :)
28th Aug, 2007 19:21 (UTC)
I didn't intend to give lectures ROTFL but those cartoons asked for explanations, if they were immediately understandable for the people attending the stage. And as kaetsa looks hungry for details :oD I'm adding more!

are you converting? (Hope that's not too personal)

1) Nope, it's not too personal!
2) And nope, I'm not converting.
I've had an intellectual interest in Vedas for many years, more or less following the time. Paul has a pretty collection of genuine books. Some years ago I started learning Sanskrit but stopped because I was busy with too many things at the same time. Yet I remained in contact with my teacher all the time, for she's so fine a woman.

She proposes two stages each year. One is for *hard* linguists - they talk Sanskrit among them all along the day! The second is for simple amateurs. This year there were some students, several yoga teachers, ayurveda practioners, and a very nice couple of Indians from Pondichéry, who've been living in France for 30 years.

Dîpa told us they did this fire sacrifice last year and there were another group of yoga students in the house who attended it by sheer curiosity, but started to leave soon one by one, thinking they had fallen in the middle of a sect ROTFLMAO

Mantras and hymns we were chanting in the morning before studying the Râmâyana were probably a religious thing for some of us, but a linguistic interest and a very placating moment to all, helping to focus before work. One afternoon we were allowed to enter a disused Roman chapel, with a fantastic acoustic, and sing in the choir. It was a very moving moment.

Dîpa recorded our various sessions, for memory of course, and because people ask her for a CD of mantras.

I e-mailed you a couple of weeks ago.

I didn't find anything. Perhaps it accidentaly fell in the spam box, as I had to check one week of mails at one time and there were hundreds of them. Can you send it again? E-mail is kand@claude-marillier.net.
29th Aug, 2007 17:52 (UTC)
Thanks Kand! I sure will, soon as I get home this evening. :)
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