September 19th, 2004


Beware, I'm going to bark !

... but not at you, my dear friends, OMG !

But now and then we all have to cope with this kind of sh...t, right ?

So ! We have a central heater in our house - not really in the house, but in a separate part, so the water pipes run under the garden... It had some problems months ago, wouldn't start again easily. So our heating specialist came by and fixed it, some pieces to change, and since then it had worked perfectly.

Then... the same specialist sent one of his workers to take care of the annual session of maintaining. The man remained for more than half an hour on his four, rummaging in my heater (central one, I mean), and even asked for some matches 'cause he couldn't light it on again (it's all ele'tric and electronic, you know)...

And 36 hours later (Friday night, of course), NO MORE HOT WATER, DAMN'IT !

And temperature drops to 6° at night now.

So I'm washing just my essential parts (sorry for the details) and have to warm water in the microwave to wash my teeth.



Your frozen kaNd...

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