September 20th, 2004


And today, I'm going to... purr.

Yup, sometimes everything goes wrong, and others...
I was awaken by the phone ringing, it was the locksmith we've been waiting for, how long, six months ? Not to pick a lock (I would call for Alex...) but to put a metal cover on the well; we just had some molded wooden planks, and we were afraid they just gave under the weight of one of the cats.
The heating specialist came at dawn too, and he found a broken piece. It's all fixed now.
And yesterday (last night at 2, in fact) I wanted to program a tape (a doc about Vancouver) and the VCR remote definitely broke (never worked fine). Eventually I had to use another VCR with a far worse reception. And this morning, I recovered my old "universal remote". From the first try it worked !
BTW, Europeans won the Ryder Cup. I shouldn't be chauvinistic, that's not fair... But there was beautiful drives and putts on both side. And I was glad Montgomerie scored the decisive point. Scotland rules ! Wonder if Nick watched it ?
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Whilst I'm in portraits...

Last week (on Sunday) we had a XVIIIth century feast at our village - a fine idea from our new mayor, we all enjoyed it a lot. There was a banquet with 300 guests that was served in the yard of "Monsieur's Farm" - the City Hall - (guenuine recipes uncovered and cooked by our pork butcher, Mme Camus) and about 10% of us were costumed.

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