September 30th, 2004


Paul's grand-daughter's wedding...

... is next Saturday. The cocktail will be at Hôtel des Invalides, Salons du Quesnoy (see HERE) and we have to dress properly !
I'll wear an ensemble (pants outfit) in black crepe, and Foxy insisted on trying it. But Ratty wasn't very careful in his comments :
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Stolen from... MatMel

First best friend: Monique, a few years older than me. She died young alas.
First car: never had one.
First real kiss: prefer to forget.
First screen name: Murr (because of Hoffman's cat)
First funeral: grandpa (father's side). I was 10.
First pet: Chouquette, an alley cat.
First piercing: ears, I was 18.
First credit card: I can't remember.
First musicians you remember hearing in your house: Radio, 50's... "Ma cabane au Canada" by Line Renaud ?

Last cigarette: October, 1977. Filipino long thin cigare with sugared paper.
Last car ride: a neighbour gave me a ride to rhumatologist, about 3 weeks ago ?
Last kiss: one hour.
Last good cry: one month ? Lost two kilos. Should cry more often.
Last library book checked out: My own library ? Each day. Public ? I can't remember.
Last movie seen: Disclosure(TV one hour ago)
Last phone call: yesterday ? (Mom)
Last time showered: yesterday
Last shoes worn: Same model for years, because of my back. Comfort.
Last cd played: 40 Irish Traditional Songs
Last item bought: newspaper
Last annoyance: world violence ? Last but not least.
Last disappointment: NHL season deleted. Only hockey games I can see here on TV
Last shirt worn: tee-shirt
Last website visited: photobucket, uploaded a cartoon.
Last word/sentence you said: I should hang the laundry... (I didn't !)
Last song you sang: la complainte de Mandrin.

What is in your cd player?: still 40 Irish Songs.
What color socks are you wearing?: naked feet.
What Color underwear are you wearing?: still in my nightshirt (white).
What's under your bed?: some dust-bunnies
What time did you wake up today?: 7:45, unusual, could watch Canadian TV news on TV5.

Current mood: a little sleepy
Current music: none, TV
Current taste: Fisherman's Friends, sugarfree
Current hair: really short, and cutting more tomorrow <vbg>
Current clothes: Nightshirt and blue robe
Current annoyance(s): things to do "at home", I'd prepare to work on my webdesign lesson
Current desktop picture: Nick in OAT, big smile, earring
Current book(s): Re-reading Lovecraft, ready to start "Tales of the City"
Current hate: nobody. Hating is wasting time.