October 19th, 2004


Warming Ratty

The plumber came yesterday and he staid I don't know how many long - the heater is in a small building outside in the garden (it was a one-horse stable centuries ago). Well, now we're warm and the water too... And Ratty is slowly returning to his true colours.
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Original jewels at Chris-Perles, my neighbour

... well, another neighbour, not the computer one !
She has a site, see at chris-perles.com. She's not selling online yet, but she will. She can make personal creations following your ideas. She works with Sarkovsky cristal, and she has really exquisite taste.
This is a free advertising <vbg>, just because she's so kind, talented and starting her business.
If you need something I can play the go-between, you know !
It's not said on her site, but she sells too beads and furnitures for handicraft, if it's your hobby...
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