December 3rd, 2004


Nickyboy's quizz ! Thank you, cutie.

You Do Know This Is About X-Files Fanfiction, Right?Yup !
Slash Or Het?Slash.
Your Favorite Category (e.g. Angst, PWP,...)?Angst then comfort
What About Death Fics?I usually make the boys come back to life. After I killed them.
Favorite Gesture Made By A Character?Mulder holding Alex by the waist in the kitchen, nuzzling in his neck.
Favorite Facial Expression Of A Character?Dark and threatening Alex.
Favorite Scene In A Story?The steamier the better.
Favorite Line In A Story?Alex speaking in Russian 'cause he doesn't dare to express his feelings.
Favorite Position (Sex) In A Story?Face to face and the deeper the better... see above.
Favorite Kink In A Story?Chatting over breakfast the first morning after.
Favorite Casefile Fic?Not slash, by Inky, in an Antarctic station - title ???
Favorite G-rated Fic?I prefer adults rating
Favorite PG-rated Fic?same
Favorite PG-13-rated Fic?same
Favorite R-rated Fic?same
Favorite NC-17-rated Fic?The Paradox Club
How Do You Prefer Him, One-Armed Or Complete?One-armed, or I need a valuable explanation
Favorite !-Character (e.g. Skippy!Alex, Sub!Mulder,...)Dom, powerful, ruthless Alex. Only vulnerable by his love for Mulder.
Power Games (e.g. Mindfucks, BDSM,...) Okay?Oh yes !
What Sort Of Scenes In A Story Makes You Cry?When Alex and Mulder are separated by misunderstanding.
What About CSM/Other X-Files Character?Yerk.
Mulder Is...Unconscious, sexy, lovable, pouting, intelligent...
Krycek Is...Walking sex on legs, best killer and lover in the world.
Skinner Is...A father figure. Needed to ground a story.
Scully Is...A doctor. You need one. And Mulder's true friend.
Marita Is...Better off my Alex's path.
Doggett Is...Who ?
Reyes Is...Sorry, I didn't really followed last seasons.
The Gunmen Are...Very useful ! For fun and to get out of technical dead-ends when you write.
CSM Is...Boogey-man
Chris Carter Is...He was.
I Like Reading/Writing X-Files Fanfiction Because...They make my favourite characters come to life again. M/K are hot !
When I Don't Read/Write That, I Read/Write...Lot of things. Mostly philosophy or actuality today.
X-Files Fanfiction Is...Holidays for the mind.

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