December 14th, 2004


"Krycek Pudding"

Krycek Pudding
I uploaded this "old" story of mine, perfect for Xmas time... Dream and enjoy !

"But Mulder, what about... What if you weren't dreaming ? What if I was, huh, really here, in your apartment ?"

Absolutely NC-17.
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Nick's News

So that's true... Nick is doing voices in "See Grace Fly" (2003), the first movie by Peter McCormack. Amazon heard of this by one of her friends (a thousand thank you, dear !!!) and I wrote to Peter French, the producer, who answered immediately in the kindest way. I quote him :

"he was originally cast to play the Priest's role, and had to withdraw this commitment at the last minute. His involvement was more in regards to his friendship with Paul McGillion ( I believe."

"Spoke with the director, Pete McCormack, and yes, the main voices for Grace were provided by Nick Lea. They spent a good deal of time rehearsing them, actually, so that Nick was actually "in character" as a real antagonist when he was doing them. Pete was VERY pleased with the result, as you will hear in the download, though they may sound better off of the DVD, which will be available in a month or so off of CineClix as well. I have screened the film many times in theatres, but it was this two week theatrical run which gave us the best sound, so that the voices were much clearer and more haunting than any of us had ever heard."

"To watch the film, anywhere in the world, you can go to and download it for $6.00 US."

Right now, I'm downloading the movie this way (it's 525 Mb). But of course, I can't wait to have the DVD version...

More info about the movie on the official site : . It's an animated site with a heavy enough loading, be patient.
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