May 24th, 2005


Fox & Ratty Cartoon of the Day: Allergy, the Finale

At least, I identified this allergy's cause. I didn't want it to be some Nick's picture, well, it is! Sob. In fact, it's a beautiful pillowcase I bought on eBay, with a Karen Hall photo (does she know her pics are used this way? I wonder), and I think the inks used for the transfer are irritating to my skin. The caption is "Cover me with dreams", it's not quite true this time!
I just have to wash it carefully ("handwash", so I'll need gloves...) and use it as a kind of tapestry. On my harp, I'll be able to see it all the time w/o lying upon it <vbg>
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"Agent Krycek" Polaroid

"I'm glad I won this item on eBay..."
Tell me your mind, I'm almost sure it's from the HK Airport phonebooth scene (3x15, Piper Maru).
The mention "Agent Krycek" isn't unusual, as the name of the character must appear on those continuity shots; I have two polaroids from "The Inheritors", and they're marked "Jacob Hardy", not only "Nick Lea".
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