July 21st, 2005


Enough with fake autographs on eBay!

I see this item proposed on eBay:
NICK LEA X FILES Signed 8x10 Photo
Obviously, it's the same model that has been regurlarly proposed for weeks earlier. Each time the bidding time is one day only with a "Bid now" offer. Only this time the prize has slightly increased...

As I was becoming suspicious (I was cheated on once), I noted the nickname and info of the former seller, it was some "519krs" whose subscription was only from May,30. He/she had a lot of good feebacks, but only as a buyer at the very start.
A pack of excellent feedbacks as a seller too, but only for "private" item. The only "identified" ones are as a buyer, for really expensive stuff (0.45$...)

Today this new item is proposed by "boueff00", inscribed June 20, good feedbacks from sellers for stuff payed... 0.01$!
For both of them there's no precise address (United States, nothing more).
I went till superposing the photo displayed by "519krs" (I saved the full page then) with the new one from "boueff00" - it's the same item, or at least the same scan...
If you want to check by yourself, just look at this picture accompanying the sale of June,06, #6537816646. The page is still online but with a broken pic.

Spooky, isn't it?
We all know Nick's signature and that this model was identified as a fake by his agent.
Sooooo... What do we do? Shall we complain to eBay?

Anyway, thanks for spreading the word.
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