September 10th, 2005


Fox & Ratty on the move

"Fox & Ratty" site is temporary canceled. Don't worry, the pets will be back on line with another addy! And of course new cartoons will be available on my LJ.

claude-marillier.netIn fact I decided to use my URL as a site for my professional activity (to-be, but it's slowly starting sooner than I thought...)

I transfered "Kand's Wonderland" to - the slash site is still small and technically correct enough. But "Fox & Ratty" is a much bigger site that needs strong improvement; and as every one who's put a finger in web design knows, it's far more easier to build a whole new site rather than "repair" an old one.

All the same, "@telier m@rillier" will be totally redone - it will serve as a show-window for my graphic works.

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