October 10th, 2005


My Gallery's On Line

I uploaded my gallery, called @telier m@rillier at http://atelier.claude-marillier.net/.
You'll find photos (flowers, animals, landscapes, objects), drawings, cartoons (yes, Fox & Ratty!), paintings and infographical works: web material, processed pictures, original creations and collages (all Nick...).
There's 124 pages (yup) and for many works you can display a larger picture (the weight is given in an info-bubble).
Thanks for your remarks, notes, suggestions and fb LOL
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DVDs & VCDs for exchange...

I built two new bookshelves to put my DVDs collection, and of course I found some doubles. Second-hand market, you know, should make a list LOL
Well, if you're interested, rather than offering them on eBay, I'd be glad to make exchange. There's X-Files, of course, and a few others.
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