March 10th, 2006


Chaos, audio extracts

I promised but I didn't make it very quickly :o/
I updated my site with a section about "Chaos" - nothing new for you, you have already seen those photos, but I put 5 audio files here:
Pour les francophones, il y a le synopsis complet du film que j'ai rédigé après l'avoir vu en salle...

And I have refreshed the old audio page, where several files had disappeared. You can listen again to extracts from "Patient X", "The red and the black", "Earth Angels", "Lunch with Charles" and most of all, the comment Nick read for "BC Legend". Enjoy!

I'm trying to improve the navigation too, but it's only a few pages at a time, so don't bother if you fall on a 404 or some hardly readable pages, *I know*!
The list of movies on the left should appear on every main pages in the future. For the long series (like The Commish) it will be the list of episodes.
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Lyric School of Acting

"Nick's School" :o) has a website (with a long animated intro, beware low band connected) at
Obviously it changed its name since the creation in 2001, as it was then the "Lyric School of Actors".
Lot of people seems to study there and enjoy it, and have brilliant results in the field.
Here's an article from David Spaner linked from the site: and another from the Georgia Straight:

Anyway Nick is only a member of the board now even if he was one of the active creators of the project.
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