March 15th, 2006


"Ignition": pics and sounds

Nick Lea as Peter Scanlon
I remade the "Ignition" pages, as it was soooo heavy. There's less pictures, only 26, but definitely higher quality, plus an abstract (in Froggy), technic notes, and five mp3 extracts (all Nick dialogues). Don't miss #3 when Nick and Lena Olin have a very hot phone call :ob
See Dossier "Ignition"

NB- Whilst you're at it, tell me if you like the new design (mostly the logo and drop shadows). Thanks for reactions...
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Fox & Ratty cartoon of the day: Trichromy in Photography

I made this cartoon for an old friend of mine who's a collector and a specialist in History of Photography, like my hubby and my late Dad. This one is about the invention of colour photography by the French Ducos du Hauron (circa 1868). He was using three coats of various colours; very difficult to manipulate but the results were amazing (you can see a view of Agen, his town, here).
Trichromy by Ducos du Hauron
"Meanwhile, in Ducos du Hauron's workshop..."
Ratty: "I'm afraid they're right. Trichromy will never work for portrait."
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