June 9th, 2006


Hitman Names...

That's me... yerk!!!

The Knee Bender

People Iced:Twenty Two
Car Bombs Planted:Three
Favorite WeaponBottle Rockets
Arms Broken:Twenty
Eyes Gouged:Seven
Tongues Cut Off:Two
Biggest Enemy:Joey Diamonds

Get Your HITMAN Name

Think of it, I'm more dangerous than Ratty, who's... Joey Diamonds, my worst enemy!

Joey Diamonds

People Iced:Five
Car Bombs Planted:Eight
Favorite WeaponCurdled Milk
Arms Broken:Twenty
Eyes Gouged:One
Tongues Cut Off:Two
Biggest Enemy:The Toe Slicer

Get Your HITMAN Name

For Krycek, does "sitting in a bombed car" count?

Ice Pick Andy

People Iced:Forty One
Car Bombs Planted:None. Pathetic.
Favorite WeaponSwitch-Blade
Arms Broken:Twenty Nine
Eyes Gouged:Eleven
Tongues Cut Off:Five
Biggest Enemy:Fat Tony

Get Your HITMAN Name

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